No matter how slow your progress, and how many mistakes you made, you are far ahead of anyone who stopped trying.

Tony Robbins

I feel overwhelmed by the number of fantastic programmers — the ones that have gained the level of experience that I find myself not even close to scratching the surface – will I ever? You know the feeling — the one your gut telling you that you are just an imposter pretending to be a programmer.

We all follow and read amazing programmers posts – Medium posts, Instagram posts, Reddit posts etc. We acknowledge that they have accomplished their end goal, so why can we? But, wait why should we stop there and not continue to deep dive into being a Data Scientist and pursuing Analytics etc.

Therefore, we need to stay resilient and pursue our end goal no matter what our brain tells us that it can and that you will never be as good. Stay focused, stay hungry, and prove yourself wrong. Forget about the noise from the hates and build upon your skills with small projects.

I have good days as I have my bad days – I feel like I will never get there. And I go back to the usual suspects for motivation (Instagram, Reddit, Medium), and as I do this I know I am wasting time, and you feel the same withdrawal of exhaustion as it feels unreachable for us – but they did it, so why can’t we? Again, I feel doubt and anger like if there is something wrong with me. We all have this cycle of frustration, but boy when we will build that first app or webpage…it will feel amazing!

So why can’t we break free from feeling that imposter syndrome? It’s because we doubt in our abilities when we shouldn’t. Therefore, stay focused and keep a journal of your progress, Challenge yourself and never give up. If others did it, therefore we can as well. I believe in us! We are not imposters; we will accomplish our end goals – yes goals!

Tell me how you have been battling your imposter syndrome. Let us motivate each other in reaching our end goals.

Never stop dreaming, and never stop working hard for your dreams. You never know what you can become. Life is unpredictable. You will never know as to which road can leads you to which destination.

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