The challenge in finding the perfect look and feel for this site has been in the past the biggest struggle and obstacle – one of the reasons that the site had gone missing and uninspired my blogging pursuit. However, there are now more WordPress themes, and I have been personally scouring over the internet and have found one that suits it best representation. I would like to introduce the GutenType Theme by AncoraThemes that will power the Betanerd blog.

But, there are still items to be worked on and I decided to highlight the ones that are still under development in numerical order – please note some of them are still being tweaked.

  1.  WordPress Theme or Developing my own.
  2.  Logo Development
    • Currently under development and I might make a post about its debut once I finalize the design.
  3.  Social Media Platforms
    • I am considering the options that would be suit this website’s goal.
  4.  Photo & Video
    • This part is more of the journey into learning photography and videography via the smartphone (and DSLR). I will be sharing my photo and video attempts behind the scenes.
  5.  Podcast
    • I will be creating and developing my podcast skills by providing a podcast edition of the blog. 

I will post more updates soon as I work out the kinks of the site and its further growth plans.

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