Front-End Development

Two Mac Computers with Web Development in a dark room lit with a lamp

Learning Front End Development – Day 1

It always seems impossible until its done. Nelson Mandela I have decided to take the step forward in my front-end development learning – daily¬†coding each day to learning how to code. Continuity will be the essential factor to show progress in learning to code. I have watched several YouTube videos by several authors on the subject of learning to program. Essentially, it comes down to a few factors. The most important is to keep a log (aka. journal) of your progression – one of the best ways to show your progress. When you measure yourself on your progression it’s easier to keep your self-accountable and you feel like you are moving forward rather than feeling as though you are simply spinning your wheels. I cannot stress enough my own personal spinning of wheels in this category. But, when you keep…

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