Welcome back to a newly revived¬†Betanerd – you guessed it, it is in development stages right now. I will develop live and day to day you will see changes as I fit the right look and feel of the site. I am glad you are here to join me on this journey. I am not sure where and how far it will go, but I am happy that you are here with me – I honestly couldn’t have done it alone without, you!

I am going to say this right now as I was reminiscing on the earlier attempts almost a decade ago with this site. I promise to write and share photos of my progression, through my nerdy lenses, my technological lifestyle. These documented logs of my journey back into tech and the projects I am inspired to bring to life on the web I promise to share with you continuously. As you can tell by the last two sentences, there are a few themes I have in mind to share here – cool stuff, cool finds, learning to code, and other random cool musings.

If you don’t know me, you will get to know me. I am a friendly nerd that is always peaking in excitement at the newest and coolest new tech-something-or-another.

Welcome, and join me on this new journey!

P.S. I am setting up all the socials that I can be reached at for additional content and connecting with me.

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